Info about Liteon DW1650-488 DVD-RW model

Surfing around the internet i found Liteon DW1650-488 DVD-RW on sale.To be honest i can’t recall any such liteon model in the past and i couldn’t find it on Liteon’s site either!Can anyone help me out on this?Thanks in advance! :rolleyes:

This is a Philips DVD8801 OEM-drive and it can be crossflashed to a BenQ DW1650. Search will turn up several threads on how to do this. Get it while you can. :wink:

Are you sure?If it is so then i am really lucky!

Just don’t rub it in to much :stuck_out_tongue:

Google “DW1650-488” and you’ll see it’s a DVD8801 :slight_smile:
Search “DVD8801” here and you’ll find how to make it a BenQ :wink:
Lite-On taking over BenQ recently makes it very plausible these are being sold as Lite-On :smiley:

OK totally convinced!Thank you very much for the info!Crossflashing will not be a problem at all…

Elkukuo, can you check the sticker on the drive, when was the drive made (month/year). Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here is the sticker on my Lite-On DW1650.

What firmware does it come with?

Interesting, not a word about “Lite-On IT Corp” on that sticker… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Jan70. October 2006… so somehow the DW1650 is still under production… (!?)

There is PBDS = Philips BenQ Digital Storage. :wink:

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Yeah, but that’s all history now. :sad:

Next name on Nexperia chipset drives will be labeled PLDS, L for Lite-On.

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The only place where the Liteon DW1650 is mentioned is on the receipt. :rolleyes:

Anyways the drive came with firmware L.02 (L for Lite-On?)

According to Nero Info Tool, this drive also seem to support VCPS (Video Content Protection System) developed by Philips & HP.

Thanks Jan70. :clap: :bigsmile:

Time to order this drive as soon as it comes available here, (announced, but not in stock yet).

Exactly the same with Jan70’s!

Thought you have BenQ 1650?

I have, one… branded Philips DVDR 1660P1 :bigsmile:
Would be nice to compare a “real” BenQ DW1650 and Litey substitute…

A real good “Litey” :wink:

Excuse for bad English. At me precisely same DVD-RW model DVD 880I, as well as at Jan70. Even all numbers on a label coincide. Tell please, who нибудь with this model
has achieved positive result on his(its) alteration in BenQ 1650?
Whether there are improvements both what they? And what lacks.?

I don’t have this drive, but my guess is that it is exactly the same as the Benq 1650 with no improvements or changes. I don’t know whether the Liteon firmware or Benq firmware would be better.

Since it has Video Content Protection System, shouldn’t the firmware be newer than Philips’ and BenQ’s?

Jan70, have you checked if QSuite works with it?
And the hotest question, does it burn any better, especially the yuden T03?