Info about CD/DVD formats and choices

There are at least 3 write methods to burn a CD :

(1) Disk At Once
(2) Track At Once
(3) Session At Once

There are also apparently now “RAW …” variants.

I’m a software guy, familiar with file-system concepts and so on. I understand why a write-only medium needs multiple “sessions” in order to record more data once some data has been written. I don’t know anything about how CD/DVD info is organized on the disk, or how to write so that more than one session can be read (etc).

I “just” want to be able to write to CD/DVD from my code; if it’s easier to avoid building “directories” and “files” that can be seen by Explorer, I can live with that. (I can just write a pile of bytes that only my code can deal with.) But I want to make what I do compatible with as many burners (both writers and re-writers) as possible, and having the ability to create directories and files so that humans can get an idea of what’s on the disk would be nice.

Where can I find info about what the limitations are with those different mechanisms? URLs to the places where YOU learned this stuff are probably what I need.


You might want to have a look at

The pointer to was (I hope) exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.