Influences of the Media

Hey everyone, I had an account here a long while back but I forgot my password or something :confused: Anyway, I was wondering about your views on the influence of TV programmes, such as Hard Copy and other tabloid chat shows in general. When you see opinion polls on the news, do they influence your opinion in any way? Just anything about what you think of the media in general. Here’s a thing that’s got me, why is it when we hear stories about something negative, we want to know more about it, then if it were positive?

I was watching the Simpsons a few weeks back, lol the Homer Badman episode kinda brought this on. I’m now really interested in the topic. :smiley:

Who’s influenced by opinion polls?
If 99% of the population disagrees with my opinion … they’re wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

the media influences me 100%.

they have taught me not :disagree: to trust “the news” (propaganda) or other so called truthful(ly)(paid for) television programs (lies).

My favourite news item in the USA was how prosperous & better china has become, thanks to the funding the USA has provided by opening all those slave factories for 5yr old girls making clothes & electronics (with all those wonderful fumes that will cripple them with lung diseases for the rest of their lives).

I can’t say the US media (in print or TV) influences my opinion much, due to really sloppy reporting and lack of true jornalistic skill. Also, aside from the negativity and far left-wing liberal bias, I try to ignore most of it. Although FOXNews is far better jornalistically, even its news offerings are limited in terms of delving into the ‘real guts’ of world news and events. To the degree that some programs on FOXNews show the ‘mainstream media’ manipulating minds and twisting truth to fit its agenda, that can show me that in some cases some still care to expose lies and manipulation, with the intent to inform. However, even a fair selection of topics FOXNews chooses to cover is sometimes too limited for what’s going on in the world. As the XFiles used to say “the truth is out there,” but to be truly informed, one has to comb the Internet for world papers or sites that are really digging to find out what’s going on, ones that at least try to cover more globally significant news and the ‘why’ behind it, too. I do feel sad for the average American who really doesn’t bother to check up on what’s said on the likes of 60 minutes or ABC News, as there’s truly lots of spin and outright lies presented for public consumption–yet the general public buys it hook, line and sinker.