Influence of bitsetting on DVD laser power?



Dear collegues,
pls forgive me if this is a stupid question… but I’ve heard a lot of stuf about bitsetting and there is one thing I couldn’t find an answer: does bitsetting have influence on the DVD reader laser power ??? I mean, is it correct to state that if I set the book type of a DVD+R to DVD-ROM, the laser reader will use less power to read the disc, than it would if I didn’t use the bitsetting? What can be said about DVD+R vs. DVD-R, when it comes to this power issue on DVD reader laser?

I am concerned with my PS2 reader (as some might have already guessed :bigsmile: )

Thank you all in advance!


I wouldn’t agree with naming this an “issue”.
We all know that consoles, also the PS2, comes with different optical drives - most of them are crappy readers, and SONY always knew that…


Yeah… I couldn’t agree more! Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot about this question of power and seems that there is one pro for the +R standar (independant of bitsetting): is its reflexivity (pls correct me if I spelled it wrong :o ). So, the laser would need less power (or at least almost the same power) to read +R and -ROM media. I am still in doubt if bitsetting changes something or not regarding laser power…