Infinti 99min/900mb CDR media

Hi there, have a problem burning on this disc, my CDRW according to reports can burn these discs, LiteOn 32123s.

I just wanted to convert one of my old VCD’s into a single disc. Can anyone give me some tips?

Do I try to overburn the disc, etc? Also when I check the media available on the disc with Nero, it tells me that the disc can only hold 703mb, weird?


True they could only be identified as 80min discs.

You must overburn up to 99min and note that not many writers could actually read up to 99min, many stops at 83-85 minutes.

To enable overburn: File–>preferences–>expert options–>enable overburn and set the overburn time to 99mins

You must select no multisession and Disc at once/finalize CD to be able to overburn.

Hi OC-Freak, tried your suggestions, but still no luck:(

Changed the settings in Expert features and also told it to write overburn cd but it fails before beggining to burn…fails Disc At Once

Anyone else have any ideas? Is the software the problem (Nero) or my drive?

chrome :frowning:

What nero version do you use?

Some versions( and if I’m right) have problems with Image files and VCD/SVCD in DAO mode.

Hi OC-Freak, the version of Nero I have on my PC is (bundled with the drive).

I’ve read some posts in the Nero/Ahead forum and posters seem to be saying that if you do download the latest version available it will install on your pc with an ‘Express’ interface with limited options and not the ‘Classic’ interface, looks like I’m stuck without the latest edition of Nero?:frowning: