Infinium Labs to unveil Phantom game console at E3



I just posted the article Infinium Labs to unveil Phantom game console at E3.

In January of last year we
reported about a company called Infinium Labs that planned to launch a gaming
console / subscription based gaming service that would outperform Microsoft’s

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Photos Here :slight_smile:


I like the idea and the system looks nice but there’s 2 major problems. They word the “free” part as if you have to pay $199 AND $29.95 a month and won’t credit you the $199 until after the 2year minimum is up. Since the average online subscription is $19.95 this means you’re paying $10.00 a month for the “free” console (and a total ripoff for anybody that buys the console because they still must pay $30/month). Secondly I don’t see a list of games that will be available initially and in order to entire costumors (there’s already 3 gaming consoles and the past has proven there’s only room/profit for 2). There is no way a 4th conlsole will survive. I like the idea of the Phantom, but from a business aspect, there’s too much competition and no big company (ex: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) backing behing this. Good luck but I won’t consideri buying into it unless it’s been out for a solid year and a half and it’s doing well.


Aren’t these the same people who got totally taken apart by HardOCP? Then they brought out some 2 bit lawyers to threaten HardOCP to take down the article. These people don’t even have a real address!


$199 for the specs posted? For a machine that has NO propietary hardware and can’t give themselves the luxury of selling low to win on games later? (all games are d/l…you pay a monthly fee for subscription and broadband IS required). :r


should have said $199 my bad


…the hell? 199 and the $ sign :r fix this, I know I posted it properly…thnx


Let the Hacking Begin!!! I want another PC :D:)


how can it be hacked when it’s vaporware? it’s not real it dosn’t exist it’s just a stock that one guy keeps building till he runs and takes all the investment money with him


If you want to read the article from that proves the CEO of the company making Phantom is a scam artist go read 9HardOCP is currentyl down, here’s a Google cache page)


Yea… well my guess is they will show off a cardboard box, and then sue everyone that says it’s a scam, or gives it an otherwise bad preview. These people should not be trusted with anything! I would not be surprised if they take preorders and then disappear to Russia. Oh and the guy pulling all the strings thinks he’s ultra clever, naming the thing Phantom… Definition: phan’¢tom also fan’¢tom n. Something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality; a ghost or an apparition. Something elusive or delusive. An image that appears only in the mind; an illusion. Something dreaded or despised. adj. Resembling, characteristic of, or being a phantom; illusive. Fictitious; nonexistent: phantom employees on the payroll. Ok let’s see “having no physical reality”, “Fictitious; nonexistent”… wow that does perfectly describe the this console system!