Infinity DVD-RW's and NEC 1300a = PROBLEM

I just bougth Infinity DVD-RW’s from cd-freaks shop and got to rewrite them for about 5 times. After that, my Nec 1300a does not want to write my Infinity DVD-RW discs anymore. I can only erase them, but burning, no way! I used Nero and RecordNow Max. Anyone who has the same problem? (Or a solution would be better)

What firmware in your NEC? Don’t think this is an issue, but it may help solve the problem knowing what your using.

I use the latest firmware 1.08.

I’ll try Herrie’s hacked firmware to see if this solves my probs.

FYI: The hacked firmware of Herrie did not solve my problem :frowning:

Hi EddyTheEagle…

It could be an issue with these media… I bought some of these discs as well, but didn’t try them yet. I’ll test them tonight, before and I’ll notifiy you of the results.

My hardware: Nec1300a with Herrie’s firmware 1.07v4

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Originally posted by EddyTheEagle
FYI: The hacked firmware of Herrie did not solve my problem :frowning:

which version did u use? the 1.08 on Herrie’s site offers no improvement in terms of media compatibility over the official 1.08 (but is still better cuz of the region free status and removed rip speed limit). u might wanna try 1.07v4.

I’m guessing that’s the Infinity 4x +RW media, which should be RICOHJPNW01. It’s been pretty reliable media here on the LiteOn and Pioneer burners, but that doesn’t mean that all burners will like it. Just look at the scans posted on RICOHJPNW01 in the test forum. The ricoh +R discs have been far more variable in quality than the +RW.

That said, it’s also true that all RW discs are finicky bastards that can quit on you most any time. I’ve had success in resurrecting them with repeated cycles of quick erase and full erase in various programs. But at least one full erase is suggested before re-using any RW disc.

Well there I am once again…

I did some tests (wrote 7x to my Infiniti -RW disc and fully erased the disc) and I did not find any problems. Does this happen to just one of the RWs you have, or to all?

Here’s the ADIP of the Infiniti disc:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-RW:PRINCO]

Disc Type : [DVD-RW]
Manufacturer ID : [PRINCO]
Disc Application Code : [Unrestricted Use : Consumer Purpose]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2.298.496 Sectors - 4.489MB - 4,38GB]

[DVD Identifier -]

As you can see, they are produced by Princo. Can you check with DVD Identifier who produced your discs?

Oops :o , could have sworn he posted about +RW discs. :o
Must have been late in the day.

Someone told me that upgrading the firmware might fuck up my dvd-RW’s, because of a different burn value. Anyone heard of that theory?

what’s a “burn value”? :confused:

Originally posted by AZImmortal
what’s a “burn value”? :confused:

I guess he means the writing strategy?

If that’s the case… writing stragety can indeed be changed with firmwares, but I highly doubt if there’s any DVD-RW destroying firmware around (I should have notice by now)…