Infiniti WhiteTop 100 Cakebox

I’ve seen alot of these popping up in online UK stores. does anyone know who makes the discs, and if they are any good?

Infinitiâ„¢ WhiteTopâ„¢ 48x 80min 100 Cakebox
Premium quality, protective coated · Silver/silver · WhiteTop · 80min / 730mb (700mb data) capacity · 48x compatible · Multi speed · 100 discs per pack in a strong protective ‘Cake-Box’ with securely interlocked base and shell

Don’t know who makes them but I have bought a few packs and had no problems. They burn at 52X with my lite-on. Paid £18 for 100 pack. I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

The Infiniti White top CDR are SKC (Korea) . I phoned and asked for details.

Very high standard cdr as far as i am concerned. I am only burning at 24x.

got mine from here and paid 17 per 100.