Infiniti Samurai, Bulkpaq Orange and Datawrite yellow, are all poor cheap media?

I tried all of the 3 above and the Bulkpaqs flatly refuse to play in my standalone player and the other 2 skip and stutter all over the place.
Are these discs cheap and known to cause this problem?.
I have tried some Datasafe Riteks G.04 and they work flawlessly, i was wondering if its an incompatibility with my DVD player which is an Alba114 and the cheap disks?, my player will play any CD-R SVCD thrown at it, its only these DVD-R that i got problems with.

BTW im using a Liteon 811S Writer and have tried at x2 and x4 speed

I hope they dont stop making the datasafes or else im stuffed lol, what other discs compare to the Datasafe that i can try ??

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Yes, cheap.

Well… im totally confused now !!
I normally use DVD Shrink but i thought i would give Clone DVD 2 a go using the one of the same batch Datawrite yellows and would u believe it , it played back in my home DVD player OK !

Now i dont know weather it was a crappy disc, as it didnt play in my m8’s DVD either or if it is Clone DVD that made it work