I just got my first DVD+RW discs :slight_smile:

The media code is RICOHJPNW11 and they are sold off as Infiniti Professional.

First time I put the disc in the drive (booktype - DVD+RW) was was going to burn something Nero says “Start formatting”, so I thought that was normal coz its a new disc but I check back 2 mins later and it says “Power Calibration Error” :Z :confused:

So then I decided to do a full erase on the disc despite not burning anything on it and that was succesful.

I went ahead and burnt 2.85GB of data on the disc and the progress bar was at 70% and Nero states that it is writing “DVD High compatibility borders” and then lead-out at 70% of the burn? :confused:

So the disc was burnt and I decided to scan the disc in DVDInfoPro and the disc is shown to be 4.38GB in the read error test ans anything past 2.85GB is shown as bad sectors :Z

How can it be 4.38GB when I only written 2.85GB of data?

Is this normal?

it wont help you now but these disks are very tempremental

i bought 9 of which of only 5 still work, they seem very tempremental and the 2510a particularly aint that keen on em

Hmm, well luckily I only bought two.

What is good DVD+RW media for the NEC2500/NEC2510?

Also when I try to bitset this media in DVDInfoPro, DVDInfoPro just hangs and I have to reboot my PC :confused:

What firmware are you using?
Official 2510 firmwares do NOT support bitsetting on DVD+R/DVD+RW media.

I have one RICOHJPNW11 disc and it has been working fine on my NEC 2500A/2510A.
Over 30 rewrites have been performed on the disc and it plays/reads fine almost every time.
You may have just gotten a bad disc.

Here is a snippet from the readme of the firmware that I use:

This is a firmware, based on HP520n v.2.21 (2500R221 @
This FW can be used to upgrade a ND-2510A v.2.15 to v.2.21.The device keeps it’s original functionality (also DL).

Advantages of this FW:

  • The drive shows itself as correct ND-2510A device at any application
  • Rip lock
  • RPC1
    - Bitsetting are allowed, using DVDInfoPro, to set a DVD+ media as DVD-RAM

I flashed this on my NEC2500 drive.

One question.

Do you bitset the media when its been erased/quick erased or can the booktype be changed while there is data on the disc because I can only succesfully change the booktype when the DVD+RW is either quick erased or erased using DVDInfoPro v3.07.

Both discs are working great now though apart from the booktype changing problem due to DVDInfoPro hanging my system randomly when I try to change booktype of the media :stuck_out_tongue: :Z


To solve the problem, change the DEFAULT setting to the desired booktype WITHOUT a media inserted. Then insert the empty disc and burn with Nero.

The NEC 2500A/2510A does indeed support “instant bitsetting” with the correct firmware. I can change the booktype back and forth (from DVD-ROM to DVD+RW and vice versa) on a DVD+RW disc that already has data written to it.