Infiniti DVD+R 4,7Gb 2X Whitetop 25-pack

Hello all !

im wondering if anyone had any experience with these DVD+r discs and if I can buy them as they are cheaper than others.
I use Fuji discs today and never had any problems with them but they cost more that these and if these are as good as Fuji I can buy these instead. But I don’t want to get problems so if they are bad I will still go on and buy my Fuji discs.

“Infiniti DVD+R 4,7Gb 2X Whitetop 25-pack”



Infiniti DVD+Rs have actually the same mfr ID as Fuji’s DVD+R media (RICOHJPNR00, if they haven’t changed) so if the Fuji discs work fine, the Infiniti media will probably do so too.