Infiniti DVD+R 16x MCC004 or Vertabim DVD+R 8x MCC003 for backupping on Benq DW1620A?



Hi all

currently i have Vertabim DVD+R 8x MCC003 WITH Advanced AZO (Dye that protects the DVD+R if im right)
i get 97% on those DVD+Rs when i burn em with 8x (i can also burn them @ 12x, but i dont)

now these are allmost gone now, so i gotta buy me some new ones

so my eyes fell on and i saw 2 DVD+Rs that got my attention

  1. the same Vertabim DVD+R 8x MCC003 WITH Advanced AZO dye that i now have (14,50 euro for 25)
  2. Infiniti DVD+R 16x MCC004 WITHOUT Advanced AZO dye (11,00 euro for 25)

u can find a review of these Infiniti here:
the downside of this review is that they only burn @ 16x, which i obviously wont do for backupping, and that they test with a different prog then Nero DVD-CD Speed, so i cant compare with my own results…
on first sight it seem very nice DVD+Rs though, only my Benq gives some errors @ 16x, and i would like to know if they disappear @ 12x or @8x

so could someone plz just post some quality scans of that Infiniti with Nero DVD-CD-Speed at different speeds with a Benq DW1620A, so i can see if the result is just as good as my current Vertabim media?

also i wonder if the missing of the Advanced Azo is only a marketing difference? or if this also is a physical difference?
if remember well, other manufactures could buy rights of Advanced Azo from Vertabim too, but since it isnt mentioned on the box of Infiniti im pretty sure these DVD+Rs dont have it…?

So if i really wanne know which are best for backupping, then which should i choose? Does that Azo stuff really matter? or is MCC004 better then MCC003 anyway? Even if its without Azo?

and a lil extra question:
is the Mitsui DVD+R 8x Taiyo Yuden000T02 (8,50 euro for 25) a REAL yuden disc or a fake one? and is it any good? (for non backup purposes)

and a lil side note:
very strange how few (if any at all) results i find in the Benq DW1620A media thread of media from … Am I the only one who buys there perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:


Burned at 12x on BenQ 1620


Burned at 8x on BenQ 1620


thx 4 the info man!!

is that spike causing the “bad” 95% of the 8x burn coincidence u think?

cause the scans i did from my Vertabim MCC003 @ 8x all were 97% (i scanned about 4 of my spindle)


I tend to think that the quality score is meaningless in that program as sometimes it will give a bad score if a disc has an acceptable spike in it, do know some clever people who actually photoshop that score out to cause less confusion as some people take it as the most important thing.

All I know is that these discs are very good so you won’t have a problem with them if you do get them. The reviews at CDR-Zone are very good in my opinion so betwen them, here and a few other places you should get the full story.

As to the azo thing, it was a new technology a few years ago but just about every 16x disc uses that technology so it is just a marketing ploy now.

Of course that is just as far as I know so any of the smarter people on here please feel free to tell me i’m wrong :slight_smile: (Can always use more info in my line of work)


I am using the printable 16 speed DVD-R Infinity’s now. At all speeds the burns are superb. They can be used for all purposes (Movie PS2 XBOX etc). I am very happy with these discs.