Infiniti 8x printable

OK, guys, can anyone tell me the media code for Infiniti 8x DVD-R & DVD+R. They are some rather inexpensive printable discs, but I don’t wanna buy 25 of them just to see they aren’t so good. I googled and found that they could be as follows:
Can anyone confirm? Any other media codes for the same brand?

For the 8x discs you won’t find any other media codes for Infiniti discs, and they seem to work fine in most machines.

Thanks, Ninja! I also haven’t found any other media codes for these discs, but I wanted to be sure as they are not expensive, and should be very good with my burner. I haven’t had much luck with RitekG05, and they were the only printable discs I was able to find except Verbatims (which cost almost twice as much) and some s**tty discs with the code that goes something like VDMSBP… (I don’t know, I tried to forgot them ASAP).

hi igorba,

have used the infiniti cmc mag e01 printable +r’s for a while now with good results.
they seem very consistant quality wise…
burn well in pioneer 108 with piodata bitset firmware and nec 2510 and 3520 with iodata bitset firmware.
well recomended by me.