Infiniti 8x dvd+r only work at 2.4x



after buring many 4x discs at 6.x on a nec2500 , i decided to invest in 250 8x dvd+r discs. the discs are infiniti 8x (philips dye), but i can only burn them at 2.4x. is there anything i can do to make them work at the full speed, or do i have to just hope one day nec will fix it in a firmware release.


There is another thread about these discs. “PHILIPS.C08” is probably a quite new media as it’s not implemented in many firmwares yet. Interesting is that this type is not yet on Philips’ list of approved media either. (Only the “Philips.081” is listed there which I think works at 8x on the ND-2500A.)


Yes - have to wait for a newer firmware to be released.

If I’m right then PHILIPS.C08 is made by Daxon for philips.


In my opinion it’s about time that NEC gives all of us a little more support…

Everybody is waiting for a new firmware that will help us with some media… Maybe also with some reading problems…

We are waiting a very long time now…


Yeah , hope the new firmware will come out very soon. But isn’t this forum just a great thing to find out which disks DO work on the 2500. Saves you for a lot of problems. :cool: