Infiniti 4x Dvd-r

Has everyone had good experience’s with the Infiniti 4x dvd-r media. I usually buy the datawrite 4x but I am struggling to find any in the uk, while the infiniti I can. I know it say’s Ritek G4 but I read elsewhere that they were not Ritek and something else though that was the 2x disc’s.
If anyone as used these I’d appreciate some input.

These are a nightmare on my Sony DWU-14A . would get to 25% then spit out with Nero. (latest version) Upgraded the firmware to the recommended DRU510A (1.0f).

Now I get to the start of the lead-out before nero spits them out.
Now the drive will only burn CDR at 12x and not 24x
So they’ve generally f@cked things up for me.

Total nightmare.
Had used Packard Bell 2.4X DVD+R before and they worked a treat. But expensive.