Infiniti 16x +R Frosted Tops MID?

Anyone know the media ID of the new frosted top 16x DVD+R?

The old white tops were MCC004 and I like those a lot and they are/were cheap. Getting harder to find them for under £20 for 100 inc delivery now (Found one place I think). But everywhere else is selling the frosted tops.

Could it be that those are the well-known MCC 004 fakes that are MIC? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning.

Currently getting similar scans to this on these media (Varies though).

I guess what you posted is form the white tops. starting from #45
check my comments on that topic for info on the silver/frosted Infiniti disc’s.
They are chinese made (infosmart/Infosience probably) and have a unofficial MCC004 code. Evidence of the packages and disc’s is on the 5th page of the topic.

Yes and although they are not quite as good as the Verbatim branded they are still not too bad.

i got the last 2 packs of mit infiniti from the local media shop this morning guy was looking at me gone all out looking at them closely :slight_smile:

Where’s that then?

“Place called Wakefield, it’s pants!” :bigsmile:

Mind you, I must get some funny looks as well, the way I inspect media packaging these days. :o

Well I’ve never been there, but now crossing it off my list of must see places :slight_smile: