Infinite Knowledge

Would you like to have infinite knowledge? That everything is explained. Every little question you have about anything is all answered inside your head.

Would it kill you to know everything or would you be happy?

how would one know if they KNOW everything about everything?

I’m too scared to know what some people would look like naked! :eek:

I also already know too much about how sasusages are made and I don’t want to know more.

So I’m settling for Finite Knowledge. :iagree:

As am I. There are things I would not like to know. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. :wink:

If you knew [U]everything[/U]…then you would know that you knew everything :iagree:

Whats left to know if we knew everything?

Duh, if you knew everything, I think you’d know.

I know someone that knows everything! My little sister (not SexyS).

I remember trying to teach her algebra years ago & she was telling me that I was wrong.
Gee … I only aced my HSC and was top 2% of Australia in maths, 5 years ahead of her :stuck_out_tongue:
And there’s more … but I’m not going into more detail

That said … she’s so smart she’s created, and is living in, what I can only describe as “her own little world” which she knows everything about, and everyone does things her way. I wish I was that smart that I could live in my own little world :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m off to create a backup for this universe, in case it get losts, deleted, or corrupted, which can happen quite easily with all these amateur operators around :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s amazing how many people get accepted into this universe without any prior operation knowledge or experience. I dunno … it’s easier to get into than Christianity , and that’s saying something :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think this means i know everything, but i do know that SexySoutherner is the coolest ever :flower:

You know, at this time i would really like to know how and why my grandfather died last friday morning. We have no clue how and why. We can only hope it was painless.

@[B]Mr. Belvedere[/B]: I’m sorry for your loss! :flower:

I lost my paternal grandfather when I was just a kid, many years ago, and I never met my maternal grandfather.

I wish I knew in advance when my evening plans were gonna be cancelled! I would pay a lot for that knowledge in future :slight_smile:

@Belvy, sorry to hear about your Grandad :frowning: