Infinit 360 Dual Layer



Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the Infiniti 360 DL DVD’s ( are fake RICOH D01 codes or whether they are legitiately produced discs from MBI or Ritek?

Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
These are to my knowledge genuine.
Ritek produced.
I have had good results with Pioneer.
No success with any other brand of burner though.
The layerbreak is the problem area (as usual).
But the Pioneer 115/215 have both produced acceptable results. Even @ 8x.

Got mine from [B]here[/B]: (£13.80 P&P inc for 25)


Thanks, zebadee :slight_smile:

I was confused because somebody at VideoHelp listed them as Made in China:

Obviously with them using MIC media elsewhere this is a concern for me as I need cheap DL discs (I know, I know - but ATM I don’t have the money for Verbatim DL’s :sad: :sad: :doh: )



I tired the 2.4x version ages ago, when they first came out, and they were absolute rubbish.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to come through as made in China, all Infiniti’s SL media is now fake MCC004 and MCC03RG20 (MIC)

Lucky I’ve still got ~800 Genuine Infiniti 8x MCC02RG20’s