Inexperience -> Help?

Well, i downloaded 3giga file from PhazeDLL (Fable - The Lost Chapters), unpacked it and i have 4 .bin files (fablecd1, cd2, cd3 & cd4.bin). How do i get it working? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean how do i actually install the game etc. I have Alcohol 120%. Please don’t dealete this thread beacouse i didn’t know where to post it :/. Pictures would help a lot. Sorry for my horrible english (i’m from Poland) and thanks in advance. If you really want to dealete this post please at least gimme a link when i can find an answer to my question.

Buy the game.

No problem with your English because you have described very well what appears to be an illegal download.

No answers or link available here- you’ll have to find it on your own :cop:.