Inexpensive glossy inkjet printable dvd

Looking for an inexpensive, but reasonable quality glossy inkjet printable DVD-RW in 100 count quanties. Anyone have a recommendation?

Welcome to the forum.:slight_smile: What part of the world are you located in? And are you looking for re-writables(RW), or write-once + or - R’s?

Thanks for any help you can give me. We’re in the San Diego, Ca area. One time write is fine, as these will be for our demo videos (don’t want anyone able to overwrite that, do we?!?!).

My first choice for a glossy presentation-quality disc is Taiyo yuden watershield dvd-r’s :clap:. It’s a high quality disc with very good compatibility with burners and DVD players. The print quality is likely to impress, too. Don’t know your definition of inexpensive, none of the glossies are cheap(and be careful here, you could waste a lot of time and money handing out nice-looking bad discs that won’t play on a DVD player:doh:), but I find they’re worth the cost, and reliably burned at 12-16X. Don’t burn them faster even if your burner thinks it can:disagree:. Best deal I see currently shipped to San Diego is They don’t often go much cheaper from what I’ve seen.
What printer are you using?

Quick update, just saw them for $64.99/shipped at Meritline:flower: Enjoy:)