Inertia, My psx game still wont download with NERO



Hey man. I installed Nero and now it says that the game is copyrighted and it cant be burned what is goin on. You said something about Direct Cd or something. Is there some place on the internet that will let me download a cd burner program that will copy copyrighted psx games. Thank you.


Did you follow the exact instructions given to you in the link in your other thread in the Roxio forum? You can’t make a PSX copy with Nero unless you follow the instructions.

Any of the programs mentioned in that same link can copy PSX and they all have demo downloads. In addition CD Mate, VOB Instant CD/DVD, CloneCD and BlindWrite can do it with their demos.

Any Prassi based software such as Click’N Burn or RecordNow Max can do it also.

Use the search function on your browser and you will find the download sites for demos of all of the software mentioned.

BTW, you are trying to copy a PSX disc, not download it. :wink: