Industry threatens action over CD copiers - down under

I just posted the article Industry threatens action over CD copiers - down under.

Earlier we reported about an Australian company that would place duplcations stations in kiosks around the country.

As we expected the Australian entertaiment industry is not happy with the…

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This Mr Moore company must be having a joke. They were never gonna get away with it. By sayign that they would pay compensation to the song writer, they’d already acknowledged that their kiosks would be used to illegally duplicate audio CDs - from then on they were doomed. Quite right too, if you ask me.

This is the coolest idea ever. I’d love to cd copiers everywere. If they make it simple enough, maybe my granny can figure it out!!

I could see it working for normal audio CDs. Stick in a CD, it queries CDDB or whatever service to find the title and artist. Monies could be distributed appropriately that way. Don’t see why that would be illegal. Saying that they would compensate the song writer doesn’t mean they’re acknowledging it’s illegal. They’re acknowledging that they’re paying SOMEBODY for the usage of copyrighted material. Isn’t that what all this stupid crap is about? Compensating the people that need compensation? Or have you forgotten?

It’s just absolutely outrageous that CD copy kiosks would face legal troubles. Why don’t guns have legal troubles. Copying equipment is banned to save comapnies money, but guns are not banned to save people’s life. It just goes to show how fucked up some countries are.

It was already done in France. The kiosks were quickly forced to close by the authorities.

If photocopies are legal, then there is nothing illegal with CP copiers. Photocopiers can be illegally used to copy copyright material just like CD copiers too! It would be handy to be able to copy CDs at a bookstore, etc. just as easy as it is to copy hard printed material. E.g. it would be handy to replicate CDs containing documents on for work, education, etc. otherwise, how would one like it if photocopiers were banned and anything requring photocopying had to be scanned in at home or office and printed back out! :frowning:

But, as the photocopier’s owner should prevent you to copy any book, the burner’s owner should prevent you to copy any CD ! He should only allow you to copy one file or two from a CD ROM to another…

I saw cd duplicator machines in Internet cafes when I was in Oz over a year ago. The music industry obviously aren’t that quick to react :9