Industry Giant 2 and LTR-40125s

i have IG2 and i want to make a Backup of it with clonecd
After reading and writing with the Liteon the game won’t run.
I used the game and the securom profile (clonyxxl means that IG2 is securom new) for clonecd.
Can anybody help me?

My Specs are:

XP 1700+
Abit KR7a-Raid
2 Maxtor 40GB as Raid 0
Asus V8200
Win2k SP2


IG2 uses the latest SecuROM protection which can’t be copied yet.
I’ve tried nearly every setting and profile of CCD and Clony -> without success. :frowning:

My Reader: Toshiba SD-M1612
My Burner: Lite-On LTR-40125W (latest firmware)
Clone CD

Originally posted by Gigi82

IG2 uses the latest SecuROM protection which can’t be copied yet.[/B]
Yes it can be copied. Just don’t read it with a Liteon, or if you do you must read data subs only (no audio), check the Regenerate feature and write with all off. Read the “FAQ”, “Down & Dirty” Sticky Posts as well as the Profiles Sticky.

i test it with the settings you wrote.


-subchannel Data
-all other things off
-Readspeed 16x


-all off
-Speed 16x

But the copy didn’t work.
I also used Hide CD-R Media:confused: :confused:

Originally posted by tco95ttocs

-subchannel Data
-all other things off
-Readspeed 16x[/B]
Add audio and do not read with “Hide…” enabled

i enabled the audio and disabled the “hide CD-r…” when reading

when writing all is off.

But it won’t work.:frowning:

Now i buy me the LTR-163 DVD-Drive for reading.

Originally posted by tco95ttocs

Now i buy me the LTR-163 DVD-Drive for reading.

Good plan :wink:


Now i buy me the LTR-163 DVD-Drive for reading.


Save your money. IG2 won’t work anyway. :frowning:


I allways use my Toshiba DVD for reading. And I’ve also tried the settings you suggested but IG2 don’t start.

I copied WC3 and Neverwinter Nights without any problems but i was not able to make a working copy of IG2. :frowning:

Maybe, only the German version of IG2 uses the latest SecuRom.

Industrie Gigant is ProtectCD 5, not SecuROM…

But why said clonyxxl that Ig2 is securom new and not ProtectCD?
And how can i make a backup of a CD with protectcd 5?

I don’t know why clony tells it is securom. But AFAIK it’s really ProtectCD 5

You can’t make a working backup of ProtectCD 5


Look at this:
(it’s a german forum)

No one there was able to make a real 1:1 of IG2.


a friend of me made a backup.

read: Toshiba SD-M1612
write: Philips 12x…
CCD (game profile)

he can play it with “hide CDR-Media” on without any problems.

Does it work in several drives?


No it works only ins his phillips drive


Maybe, i was wrong… :o :o but i already tried to copy IG2 using the default game profile and my Toshiba SD-M1612 as reader -> unfortunately without success :confused:.

Did your friend copied the German version of IG2 ?

yes he did copy the german (it’s my version)