Industry experts expect a big year for portable video players

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  Last year  several brands of portable video media players have sprung up from Creative,                Sumsung, Archos and iRiver.  Industry experts expect this year to be big  for video...
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like Queen would sing: “anotherone hype byte’s the dust” technology is one thing. we all follow the newest gadgets all over the world. but would we exsialy buy one of those? like in the comments in the article, who is going to use it in a practical way? and IF you going to use it on public transport 2 problems arise: 1) when you show of with expensive equipment, your going to be in the “eye” of criminals that probably going to rob you in subways… 2)you going to be isolating your self from the other people. One of the nicest thing you can do is TALK to the people in the same bus asides of you. because these people you see every day. if everybody would watch tv or listening to music all the time, we create what? non emotional to Other people and self stresses persons!
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