Industry demands $2.5 million from BitTorrent tracker



I just posted the article Industry demands $2.5 million from BitTorrent tracker.

IFPI demands $2.5 million from The Pirate Bay in the upcoming court case. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry claims that 24 music albums didn’t generate the expected revenue…

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“So what do you think? Jail, a huge fine or a fairytale ending?” Well, Tim, I’m glad you asked. I think it’ll be a fairy tale ending. Swedish law FTW !!!
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2.5 Mil…I would tell the record companies to go fuck themselves too. If the music was worth buying then people would buy it. I didn’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin albums. Most of the new music out now is crap. Note to musicians…Put out music people want to buy and, waddayaknow, they’ll buy it. On the other hand continue putting out bullshit and calling it an album and people aren’t going to want to pay for that crap. Maybe the record companies need to talk to Trent Reznor. I believe he is onto something.


They didn’t offer the actual file. They (Pirate Bay) will win the case. Or else I guess Google could be sued as well? How about the ISp newsgroups that peddle music and other warez directly from their very own servers? I guess that’s different. rolls eyes :B Perhaps if the studios did not place their music on CD’s they would be harder to rip. Maybe they should go 100% vinyl again! :S