Industrial Strength Data Burning?

I routinely burn DVD-ROMs with many, many small files - 200,000 files are not uncommon, with a few hundred subdirectories.

Nero 6 chokes on this, and only after it takes the program years to scan through all of the files.

Can someone suggest what might be the most reliable solution for this scenario?



I don’t know about “industrial strenght”, but perhaps you should consider some other tool that lets you create an image of a DVD (with those 200,000 files in it) and then burn the image to DVD.

There are tools for creating and editing ISO images of CDs and DVDs such as UltraISO (my favourite), PowerISO, MagicISO.

You can also create (but not edit) an ISO image in “build” mode with the new ImgBurn and burn that to DVD or burn directly to DVD without creating an ISO image.


Doing a separate ISO build and then burn isn’t going to work - this is for a production environment and “stupid users”. It needs to be somewhat drag and drop. But thanks anyway.


You could try the build mode in ImgBurn and burn directy to DVD.
You can drag-and-drop folders and files directly to the build window, and if the same folders are going to be burned every time (but with different content), you can save the set of folders and settings as an ImgBurn project file, and open it by double-clicking on it the next time.

I haven’t tried burning 200,000 files whis way, however.

I’m currently testing a burn of approximately 50.000 files which is the best I can do on short notice…

I’m doing it right now. Will report back with how it works out, but it looks like it’ll be way too slow to be a realistic solution - it is taking several minutes per directory to “Prepare Image…”, and there are over 200 of those.