Induce act up for consideration today - could it kill tech?

I just posted the article Induce act up for consideration today - could it kill tech?.

  There is an important story over at Wired today, in fact,  it's a must read. It's our old friend Orrin Hatch again, however, if you  think his idea of destroying your computer if you...
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I think there in the USA someone should outlaw the possibility to give dollars to politicians. I think it’s a sort of legalized bribery and it’s quite immoral. Here in Italy and in most European country we don’t have this :slight_smile: Anyway guys I hope the American people will stop this…because we know that if something of good or bad starts from the USA then sooner or later will arrive in the rest of the world.

It won’t kill tech, it just means the Americans are f**ked if it goes through. The rest of the World will still get the kit, but if I was a tech manufacturer, I’d stop supplying the States completely and withdraw from the market place, as they all should. Then each of those countries should completely block ALL US imports. It’s very simple, hit the US where it hurts, it’s very much a country that only learns when pain is involved. Afterall it’s not the rest of the worlds fault if all US politicians have big flaps of skin (peni) hanging from their foreheads…

Wouldn’t a supreme court decision be higher up the ladder of law then a law made in congress? IF the supreme court passed it, wouldn’t that make it constitutional? So it would eventually end up back at the supreme court anyways. Then again i’ve felt parts of the patriot act are unconstitutional and haven’t seen any cases head to the supreme court about that. but the law would still have to pass in identical forms in the house and senate. Thats usually quite the challenge, maybe it’ll get lost in a committee in the house :slight_smile:

I can’t realize how a great people as it is the Americans can have such greedy politicians…

They should do something about gun control rather than waste time on this.

It’s all about control. Yuck :r

And there’s no corruption in the italian (or any other!) legal system lol.:slight_smile: At least in the US it’s pretty transparent.

Lot of anti-americanism here… There are shitty laws in every country on this planet. At least we are getting a heads up…and a possibility to stop it. Orin Hatch is about as useless as they come. NOT because he’s american, or a politician. BECAUSE HE’S OLD. He has no major accomplishment. Let’s hope he finds himself next to Gore/Lieberman… with all their heads in the sand… Here’s to proposing CRAAAAAZY laws… His carreer is over one way or the other… Silly old jackass…

Luckily, thanks to the checks and balances system, even IF this stupid law were to go through, then the president himself has to sign it into law, and if the supreme court were to say it’s unconstitutional, then bam, law already gone. This guy needs to remove his head from his rectum.

…and hand back the millions the MPAA and RIAA have paid him…

I live in canada and we are very relaxed here about copyright laws but this could change our country because the companies that are in the US will move to the better country. CANADA will then dominate North America.:g:g:g:B:B:B:p:p

The RIAA and MPAA will finally get there wish with this law. The phone companies, cable companies, and radio stations will all be prosecuted and shut down. There will be no piracy, then again, there will be no music or movies.

" I think there in the USA someone should outlaw the possibility to give dollars to politicians. I think it’s a sort of legalized bribery and it’s quite immoral. Here in Italy and in most European country we don’t have this" No, in Italy you have a Prime Minister who gets a law passed that he is immune from being prosecuted for anything.

This is a rather naive comment. If the US is destroyed economically, what do you suppose will happen to the rest of the world’s economies?

And you honestly believe that, seeing as Orrin Hatch is a Republican, our less-than-intelligent Republican President won’t sign his Bill? Please.

Less than intelligent?? Your basis for that is? Please

“The phone companies, cable companies, and radio stations” Obviously they wont go for those types of companies. They cant sell us anything without all that. Thier product doesnt get seen or heard without all of those. Those will be left alone. I doubt this law will pass though,. Also, $158k isnt really much money at all. Not enough to count as a bribe anyway. I doubt that has anything to do with it. I would also like to read the whole law before I passed any judgements.

I meant one hundred and fifty eight thousand isnt much. not eight thousand :slight_smile:

You guys are missing one tiny detail. Yes, the Supreme Court can strike the law down if they decide against it. However, it has to be brought to them first. The Supreme Court does not have the power to just randomly strike down laws. What has to happen is that someone has to sue someone else, and that lawsuit has to be appealed all the way up the legal food chain to the Supreme Court, whose decision is then final. However, that process can take several years to complete. If this law is passed, the media companies will have a field day with lawsuits for at a minimum 3 years before the Supreme Court even sees it on the docket. And keep in mind, one of the things that the Supreme Court takes into consideration in its deliberations, even though they’re expressly not supposed to, is the decisions of the lower court judges in reference to the same or similar material. It’s called legal precedent, and it’s become more important than the actual law itself in many cases. No, the INDUCE act cannot be simply written off as something that will get stricken down by the Supreme Court. It is an enormous threat to our way of life here in the US. (And if you don’t think so, try to imagine life without computers, VCRs, DVD’s, TiVo, CD burners, audio cassette recorders, 8-tracks, scanners, cameras (digital or otherwise, video or otherwise,) Xerox machines, video rental stores, credit cards (the card companies will be totally incapable of operation without computers, guys.) Oh, and banks, the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Anything computer dependent will be liable for damages the very second any media company wins any lawsuit against a hard drive manufacturer, which under this law, THEY WILL. This law will do damage to our economy that is simply incalculable. And, I hate to say this to the never-ending crowd of USA - bashers here, but if the American economy sinks, you will find out first-hand about the phenomenon of chaining. On a smaller scale, Enron here in the US was a perfect example. Enron counted among its assets billions of dollars of stock from other companies, which counted Enron stock amongst their assets. When Enron went bankrupt, all those holdings became worthless in an instant, and many other companies went bankrupt as well, as a direct result. The same is true for nations. There are very, very few countries in the world which do NOT have a strong economic relationship with the US. If the US economy collapses, those countries’ economies will at least suffer greatly, and that will affect not only those countries directly, but all the countries which trade with them as well. I’m sure it’s easy for people to gleefully bash the US, when they think it could magically go away without affecting them, but in fact, if ANY major country suffered a complete economic collapse, it would affect the global economy quite drastically. The US counts, guys, sorry. If our economy crashes, you’ll purely hate it.