Induce Act Antipiracy bill to be introduced next week

I just posted the article Induce Act Antipiracy bill to be introduced next week.

 A  new antipiracy bill in the US Senate known as the 'Induce Act' is expected to be  introduced next week.  The Induce Act  stands for "Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation...
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Claps slowy like in the movies when someone does something stupid. Gotto love the government.

This is by far the most stupid law I have heard of in a while. If you take it too litreally then you could outlaw loads of things such as: Any magnetic media (including hard discs) RAM ,not just Flash but plain old stuff as well (ever heard of a RAM disk?) Cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, webcams scanners etc… Pens, pencils, paper ect (in case you write something down and show some else;) ) The list could go on and on. Stopping child porn is a really good thing to try and do, but this is totally the wrong way to do it. It’s like to stop anyone robbing a bank they ban cars and people from going into a bank:S

Lets assume this sprang from the infertile mind of some corporate knobjocky whilst feverishly masturbating in the company toilet…or…on the other hand, it may have been given birth in the limited inner space of the mind of a senators grunion, who then penned it in the only place his boss would see it…across his arse…well!! no lucid person would dream this up would they ??..:X

lol “Induce” Act, sounds like it’s meant for bulemics. I think it was named that way to draw attention from how stupid the rest of it is.

DEifnition of induce from : To lead or move, as to a course of action, by influence or persuasion. See Synonyms at persuade. Says it all really:S

This is a little late for aprils fool day.

Does the Government of the USA really have so few challenges in front of them that it would actually entertain such nonsense?.. If that government invested itself with as much energy and focus on more practical matters such as poverty, violence, education, or even just better roads and highways… What a wonderful country it would become… Just another fine example to add to the list of “a thousand reasons I’m proud not to be American”… Sheesh… Maybe Canada sucks too at many things…but at least we’re willing to admit it…The U.S. government actually believes their own stupidity!.. thats worse

Not sure if its about ‘being proud not to be an American’. It’s the occasional blights like these that make the States seem un-wonderful. You gotta think, there isn’t a minimum IQ stardard for some of these polititians. These goons get into office and are easily bribed by any industry that gives them money for special interests. The rational goal we have to maintain as voters is to make sure we elect enough smart ones to overcome the dumb ones.

This will never get passed. The people would not allow it. Neither would any politicians.

It isn’t an “occasional blight” - it’s a way of life for your political system for at least the last ten years. What, you think this crap developed overnight? As to the bill never getting passed, I think the DMCA is proof enough of the foolishness of that statement.
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“occasional blight”…must be a term used by those that are only mildly affected by the buckshot approach to decision making used by those morons the rest of the world has come to know as u.s. politicians… Howzabout an “occasional outbreak” of lucidity and commonsense…what do you call 100 american politicians on the bottom of the ocean ??..a good start… :X

Should we ban http and ftp protocols as well? Or close internet all together? :r

lucky i live in a free country , not us