Indiana jones

made a perfect copy with lite-on 16102b used profile safedisk 2 no aws made on a cdrw (verbatim). thats all folks.

You should make a test also on a cdr, just to be sure:-))

Let me give everybody a suggestion (in special for Ollie, Lapiniu ( whatever it’s written)(sorry :P).
You should look back to that time when plextor users had only working copies on cd-rw of safedisc. I think the problem is exactly the same: some weak sectors are written in a different way in a cd-rw or a cd-r. This time, lite-on has finished its haegemonia for safedisc.

Good luck!

the presence of new weak sectors can be verified for example with Alexnoe’s program.

In this case i cannot verify that. Indiana Jones isn’t protected with anything here in Spain. Like all the games of Lucas Arts, we haven’t got any problem when “backuping” this original game. By now, here in Spain we haven’t any game protected with the new Safedisc v2.90.040. The major version we have is the 2.80.011 present, for example in Rayman 3. I can verify that because i hace access to ALL the games that are released here, and can test them.

To give a curious data: Icewind dale 2 which have been released around the world more than 6 months back, haven’t seen the spanish streets yet and have it “promised” to April 24th. We have here a little discrimination with some games (and protections by the way…)

Good luck!