Indian security researchers crack encryption of TeslaCrypt ransomware – victims get files back for free



We’ve just posted the following news: Indian security researchers crack encryption of TeslaCrypt ransomware – victims get files back for free[newsimage][/newsimage]

Researchers have succeeded in cracking the encryption of the TeslaCrypt ransomware which means victims can get their files back without paying the criminals behind the malware.

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It is good to know that reversing does not necessarily have to mean the Scene. I also find it great to see that it has been uploaded to github and thus giving others a view on how to go about decrypting ransomware.

I have not had the chance to look at it yet, but being a Python script, it should not be any rocket-scientists game understanding what is going on.

I would recommend all techies to download it blindfolded, you will probably learn essential information for the future here :clap:

How great it is when we realize that we should leave greed and shortsightedness behind and not sink down to the level of the ransomware programmers and ask for payment… for the better for all :flower:


Please don’t attribute TeslaCrack to QuickHeal. They didn’t write it, and I don’t work for them.


While posting the source code of the decryption tool is good news for victims, it’s also possibly a way for the malware developers to find out which flaw they made and fix that in a next release.
While true it’s better then nothing for those already blocked by the ransonware.


TeslaCrypt is a ransom ware Trojan which targeted computers with specific computer games installed.

Upon infecting a computer, the malware searches for 185 file extensions related to 40 different games, which include the Call of Duty series, World of Warcraft, Mine craft and World of Tanks, and encrypts them. The files targeted involve the save data, player profiles, custom maps and game mods stored on the victim’s hard drives. The victim is then prompted with a ransom of $500 worth of bit coins in order to obtain the key to decrypt the files. Details in the link: