Indian scam calls about PC problems or offering web design / SEO



Over the past couple of weeks, there have been quite a lot of Indian-speaking callers trying out their scams. When calling the house, they impersonate Microsoft looking to “fix” a PC problem, basically looking to get remote desktop access to the PC. When they call the office, they claim to be an web design company offering to either improve the company website SEO ranking, run advertising services or design a website.

When they call the house, I simply hang up the phone. I know people that pretend like they don’t have a PC or only own something else that’s not a PC (e.g. Mac, iPad, etc.) to see how they react.

If I take the call at work (e.g. reception people out for launch), the number always shows up as 011111111 (which is not a valid #) and after a 5-second delay the person comes on asking for the owner of the business, so what I do here is tell them to hold and I put the call on hold until they eventually hang up. :wink:

I’m sure many others here have received these calls at home or work, so I’m curious to see if anyone has any other bright idea on how to deal these callers… :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of this scam. I get several telemarketeers offering their services (which we don’t need), but never something like this.

Reminds me. I have to call Dell and beg for a new system, since the original one never worked, even after three repairs, 7 weeks ago… I hate Dell.


These scam calls are quite widespread here over the past few weeks and lately the news on TV and radio has been warning users to hang up and not provide their credit card details. Pop “fake indian support calls” into Google and there’s plenty of articles all about these scams.

They seem to mainly target people in the phone directory, as they tend to start the call with "Can I speak to " followed by the how the name is written on the directory. Even while I was visiting a neighbour, their phone rang with one of these guys. The neighbour said “Can you please tell me which computer is infected? I have 10 computers” :bigsmile: