Indian-born scientist developing DVDs that store TBs of data

I just posted the article Indian-born scientist developing DVDs that store TBs of data.

 D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us about a breakthrough that could leave HD and blu-ray in  the dust as storage media.  A scientist claims the possibility of being  able to write...
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Also it would need to a. have excellent write/erase/rewrite speeds to compare to hard drives. Yeah it’s 50terabytes but if a virus got on it and you can’t delete it what do you do now?. b. be cheap. C. have 100% accuracy. Burning all that data and reading all that data can be a chore for any laser so doing it with such accuracy is such a needed task.

“possibility”…heard this one before. and when is gonna be a reality, 10 years??? Its also “possible” to hook up my brain to a computer and store the whole internet for offline purposes…someday

which could store enough data to make computer hard disks almost obsolete. “What this will do eventually is eliminate the need for hard drive memory completely,” ABC quoted Prof. Renugopalakrishnan
I believe hdd will stay, because you have these problems: 1. slow access time 2. DVDs are write once and DVD RW is like 1000 times only (I’m not sure about DVD-RAM) Sure the OS can be on write once media, but having tried that bootable knoppix linux was slow as ever!! By the way, this also applies to those flash drive - slow as ever!!
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This is GREAT NEWS for the industry where they need huge storage space. For the average consumer this is just wacky. Sure HD-DVD and Blu-Ray plus the advantage of development of that kind of media to bigger size. However some companys need crazy storage space. This could be of some use to them (at least the ideér on how this works etc). But we allready have (i think) holographic storage. Think about TV networks and how much data they need to save. TV Shows and all of that. It would be nice if we could have a media that could store about 200-500GB per disc in 3-4 years time. That sounds about right. Music cd’s are still around and DVD movies will be for a long time too probably. But it is nice to get new technology where you can put lots of the older stuff on to save space :smiley:

Beware of the RITEK T05’s, imagine 50TB of data degrading after a coupleo f weeks :smiley:

Shens :r

You know, I wish that for once , when such extravagant claims are made for a new technology, that people would say that they have developed it, it exists and you can check it out right now. Such extravagant claims are like the emperor and his new clothes-there really don’t exist.

But why call it a DVD? Anyway, if it’s developed within 2020, it will be first used in the US military perhaps and will start to be distributed for end user consumers from 2040 by when some of us will have grown very old. Quote: “The high-capacity storage devices will be essential to the defence, medical and entertainment industries.”

A new one or just once again?