Indexing mp3

Does any body know if there is a way to index a large mp3 (80mins) without using nero and burning it.
I have ripped the music from a dvd and would like to index the tracks without splitting them.
Thanks in advance

You can write your own cue-sheet (search for previous explanations), but I don’t think you can use it to also play it like that, but it allows you to burn it as a continous audio CD and still have separate tracks.

MP3DirectCut can create cue sheets. It can automatically split the MP3 at the cue/index points. IDK if an MP3 can be indexed without cutting it though.

Thanks very much for your help.
I have used mp3direct. Works a treat

Hi pagey57, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I believe that J. River Media Center v12 can use CUE sheets for playing individual tracks when the CUE sheet references a WAV or APE file. It might also be able to do it with an MP3 file, but I’m not sure.

I don’t have the latest J. River Media Center version myself (I have v10), so I can’t test it.

You might want to have a peek in their forum.

EDIT: After a quick peek in their forum, it indeed looks like J. River Media Center can handle CUE sheets for MP3 files.

thanks for all your help