Index title screen problem on DVDR75



All of a sudden the following problem occured:
The index screen on the tv when I insert a dvd to view or record does no longer appear.
This means that i cannot see what has been recorded on the dvd or where i can record. The titels are no longer visible.
i hope anyone can help me with this one!
many thanks,


Welcome to the forum, Ilana :flower:.

Is this happening with a +RW disc?


thank you for your kindness.
It happens with a +rw disc, but I think also with a +r disc.
Please let me know if there is anything else you need to know.
Kind regards,


If I remember correctly, there is sometimes a problem with corruption on the discs which means the menu doesn’t display correctly.

If it’s on a +R that has been finalised, then unfortunately there’s no easy solution.

With a +RW, there’s a work-around but I can’t remember what it is! Give me a little while and I can make some enquiries!