Independant film studios win lawsuit against MPAA

I just posted the article Independant film studios win lawsuit against MPAA.

Two weeks ago, we reported about some smaller film studios sueing the MPAA for not sending out screeners of new movies to members of the Academy Awards. Now judge Michael B…

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Glad to see the small guy can win too!

I agree with you Quakester2000, it is good to see. I wouldn’t expect to see much more of this though with all the money the big entertainment companies are dumping into Washington to get what they want. In the end, he with the most money always wins. Society has turned into one big game of Monopoly:B

anr11, dont let them win by not buying thier particular products :B

I see cracks beginning to appear in them ivory towers…:X

What I’d like to know is what the f**k have the MPAA got to do with any studio producing (or not producing) a screener? The movie doesn’t belong to the MPAA…it’s the studios property, therefore it’s upto them whether they produce a screener or not surely?