Independant DVD Title, Motion to still menu

I have used a few popular dvd authoring programs, but I can’t find one capable of doing one important thing, much less two not- so -important things.

Important thing:
I need to create a dvd the plays a single track after the fashion of those warnings (such as: the FBI warning, “The opinions and commentaries expressed here” disclaimer, etc.) on professional dvds that play first, cannot be skipped past and are not listed on the menu.

Unimportant things:

  1. A menu that starts by playing a video, then fades to a still background with the choices on it.
  2. Being able to have a track listed on the main menu - i.e. music video- without having to have a corresponding chapter list.

Can anyone suggest how to do these?

DVD authors I’ve tried : TMPGenc Author, Pinnacle, Cyberlink.