Indecent propsal

HI: I am trying to back up Movie Indecent Proposal and I keep getting the error Tag - I have tryed turning off pathPlayer But I Keep getting the Error

This is useing

This is a 1993 Movie


This is a copy of the Info

On the disk

I tryed to send the IFO file But the E-mail will not go

Info for drive [D:] (DVDFab Platinum
Drive region: 1

Disc type: Video DVD
Disc region: 1
Volume name: INDECENT
Video standard: NTSC
Layer 0 size: 2039744 sectors (3983 MBytes)
Layer 1 size: 2039744 sectors (3983 MBytes)

CSS (Content Scramble System) protection is removed!
RC (Region Code) protection is removed!
RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is removed!
APS (Analog Protection System) protection is removed!
UOPs (User Operation Prohobitions) protection is removed!

Invalid PTTs protection is not found.
Invalid PGCIs protection is not found.
Invalid PGCs protection is not found.
Invalid TMAPs protection is not found.
Invalid CELLs protection is not found.
Invalid VOBUs protection is not found.
Fake vts protection is not found!
Bad sector protection is not found!
Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is not found.

PathPlayer is enabled!
Unplayable cell is not found.

Thanks Duz

so what you are saying is you disabled pathplayer in the settings? What are you trying to do full disc, main movie or mobile. Also update to the new dvdfab5 beta it is easier to send the IFO files with it. duzmor please give more info on what you are doing. Well I not post for a week now as I leaving on holidays. I know I not supposed to say this on the dvdfab forum but try dvdshrink it works for all movies dated 2006 and before. As you have platinum this is just a temperary fix until you get your problem fixed with dvdfab. Goodluck burning


From the DVD Info, there isn’t structure protection, which means the problem should be caused by bad media.

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