Incredimail Email Problem



Help I’m going Nuts
> an email arrives in the Rt Handed Notifier Window > down loads and when completed Vanishes!!!
Where Is It there must be somebody out there that can assist
My OS is Win7 Home Ed and I’m using Icredemail 2 and IE 9
Advice please - if available as simple as poss


Perhaps not what you want to hear: Get a working email application instead. Thunderbird is a reliable one.
Incredimail free ads advertising to your mail, I don’t know if the people you write to like that. Also, your mail will look ugly, depending on the settings of the receiver’s mail system. :cool:

As to your initial problem:
Perhaps you have to hit a “get mail” button or something like that. Also check if the mail has been moved into trash or spam folder. Additionally, you Antivirus software might have intercepted that message and deleted it for whatever reason.



I wondered if I would get a slap on the wrist!!!
I have gone over to Outlook
It is just that query Where have they gone???
Will use your pointers and investigate
Thanks for the Heads Up


I have used Incredimail for years until i found out that it is completely incomaptible with any other mail program. I’m using no mail program at all these days, only web based email. For people who really need offline mail reading i also recommend Thunderbird.


Thanks Mr B
Good advice I suspect
Also thanks for the Email


outlurk is even worse!!

You should really get thunderbird!

Thunderbirds are goooooooooo!


Hm. Outlook is a Personal Information Manager designed for Corporate use. Nothing for home users, usually.
Outlook Express (Windows Live Mail nowadays) is something different, and not as bad as some talk about. Better than webmail, and ad-free.

Thunderbird is better for my needs, but individual mileages may vary.