Incredibly slow read speeds on LG's new GSA-H42L



Damn, Edit Time is over…
Just one last note for tonight, it seems as if it is just this ONE DVD that has the read speed problems… I tried about 10 other DVDs now, all speed up to 5x from the beginning (with H42L SL01 firmware) EXEPT for this one stupid DVD i tried first… dont know why, and could not find a reason for it, for they are all pressed DVDs, with opposite track path, all are booktype DVD-ROM, UDF 1.02… but i dont care anymore… :wink: all other DVDs read just fine, and so my problem is solved is guess…


There are probably a lot of errors on the disc. The drive has to slow down when it encounters them, because it must correct them. The drop is so dramatic probably due to the fact that LG’s aren’t known for their error correction capabilities.

If you want to know for sure, run a TRT on the disc in question and on an good disc, then compare.


The drop is probably so dramatic because XP is putting the drive in PIO mode because of the errors.


Regarding the H42L’s riplock, see the recent review posted at

Particularly read the section on ripping DVD Video discs, especially OTP DL:

"It was with the OTP discs that I encountered some issues. Even with the firmware loaded, this drive failed to provide higher read speeds on a majority of the discs. I ended up testing about 10-12 different OTP movies and only about six were able to rip faster. After troubleshooting a bit, I could not find the cause. After taking a look at the disc info on each, there was no clear pattern or reason I could come up with as to why it had no affect on the media[…]

In the end though, I was still very disappointed with the riplock on this drive and the fact that the modded firmware did not seem to have an affect on a majority of OTP discs. This is important to note for many because chances are, almost all your movie collection will be in this format."
As he also applied the MediaCodeSpeedEdit riplock fix, this likely explains why we’re seeing inconsistent rip results (sometimes only 2-4X, sometimes higher).