Incredibly slow Lite-On SOHW 1673s

Hello all.
Just been referred over here by someone at afterdawn… just bought a brand new Iomega super dvd burner ( Lite-on SOHW 1673s) with the original firmware being jso1( with original read speeds of 1.9x)… upgraded to js07 and now have read speeds of 0.6x
I tried installing and flashing with omnipatcher…tried kprobe but that program keeps crashing when i try to query drives…right now I’m in the process of burning house of flying daggers… for a total of 2:30 to rip using dvd decrypter and 2:35 to burn using dvdxplatinum for a total backup time of over 5 hours… ugh!!

p4 2.4 ghz
512 ram
external lite-on sohw 1673s 2.0 usb

any suggestions welcome as i am at my wits end!

u sure that the usb case is plugged-in to a usb 2 port ?
least u got it working…my sony d26a wont even complete a burn when itz in usb case…yet my 3 pioneers have no trouble at all in usb case.