Incredibly Annoying Development

Hi everyone

Some time ago I bought, at considerable expense, the Total Training for Adobe Premier 6.5. It consists of seven DVDs. I wish to have a copy of these, but so far have managed just one, the second DVD. Source 7.16gb to 4.36, and it plays beautifully.

I am completely stuck with copying the first DVD. Using the latest versions of the Decrypter and DVD2one reduced a 7.55gb dvd to one of 4.29gb at 4400. When I play the 4.29gb source files using PowerDVD v5.0 everything is fine. However, after using the latest Copy to DVD and/or Nero, the resulting DVD will not play at all. In fact it locks up PowerDVD and I have to restart my machinery.

May I ask if anyone has any idea why I am getting this anomoly please?



Sounds like you are using bad media. Try a different brand.

Yeah … try using a decent Ritek disk.

Thank you for replying to my moan. However it wasn’t the media type. I redid the project using DVD2One vers.1.11 and everything was first class. Perfect copy.