Incredible Hulk



I am having problems with Ripit4me decrypting this movie can anyone help me…DVD Shrink keeps encountering cycle redundancy…anyone give me some help have not had this problem in quite a long time…thanks


Try the latest version of DVDFab.


cycle redundancy! I think you have a bad disc!


I am using Sony discs and I have already tried DVDFab 5 still won’t even get throught the decrypting process…

Cleaned disc as well and no visible flaws.

Any ideas


Bring it back for an exchange.


cycle redundancy is a bad disc.


Well just went and returned movie for another disc…will not finish decrypting keeps adding dummy sectors around 65% of ripit4me decrypting…and will not finish to even get to FixVTS…

Any ideas…could use some help.



I got the same message. Couldn’t burn with DVD Fab 5.2.2. I don’t think that they have updated the software with decryption process for this movie, and can’t find another software to burn it either.


im having trouble backing up this title as well. i used dvdfab5, dvdshrink, and icopydvds2 all three didnt get past the decypting process. :doh:

this is the first dvd to give dvdfab 5 ne problems…at least with me.