Increasing volume of avi files, and batch convert mp3 to wma

I have a whole lot of movie files in avi format, and i need to boost the sound levels on all of them as even with all volume controls on my computer turned up they are still hard to hear. I am not sure what the best program/way is to do this.
Also, i have 30Gb of mp3’s that i want to convert to wma format. what is a good program to do this?
any help appreciated

Goldwave will convert wma to mp3 so I’d imagine it’ll go the other way . . .

Goldwave will convert wma to mp3 so I’d imagine it’ll go the other way . . .
Sure will! In fact, use the “batch process” command, apply all filters, effects, conversions, etc., at once; walk away, come back several hours later & all is done for you! 30GB may take awhile…you might want to start it & let it run overnight!

regards, katzz:)

Thanks, goldwave works like a charm.
Still havent managed to boost volume on the avi file, though i did manage to make a 36Gb movie file with no sound. I was trying to increase sound with a program called AviUtil, but not sure where i went wrong. any other programs that will do this?

If the audio in those AVIs is MP3, then you can use VirtualDub to save the audio to a RIFF-WAV file, WAVMP3 to replace the WAV header with an MP3 header, MP3Gain to boost the volume of the MP3, WAVMP3 to replace the MP3 header with a WAV header again and VirtualDub to remux the audio into the AVI………

thanks for the help, have got all the programs and am learning how to use them.