Increasing the speeds of your Broadband and Dial-Up for free?

Hey guys just thought there might be some people out there interested in this if they haven’t already heard about it. I can’t vouch for the validity of it as yet because it won’t be released supposedly until October 2004. This is the spiel :

Transform your dialup to faster than broadband and ADSL speeds
Any PC or Mac with 9,600kbps modem upwards can use JUICE
Revolutionary unique technology. Easy to install and simple to use
Works with any internet connection and modem in any country
No cabling, engineers and no need to alter you PC

No contract or fees ever…… Guaranteed!
The ONLY alternative to broadband and it’s for FREE!
It costs nothing. Zero! Zip! Nada! It’s FREE!
What are you waiting for? Juice up your connection right now!

Check it out for yourself here :

Please be advised that this link contains a specific link i was sent after i joined. I found out that signing up is the only way to get full access to all the info on the site, this after i tried to get back into without going through the original link i checked out. :frowning: Just so you all know. :slight_smile:

Anyways like i said, it sounds way way too good to be true but i’m trying not to be too sceptical, just in case…lol

(deep sigh)

Usually when it’s too good to be true , it actually isn’t true.

This site is operated by affiliate mgj8tqm

Ooh , affiliates …fun

The first release of JUICE in October will be restricted to 80 million users as a SPECIAL OFFER. Anyone joining after the 80 million mark may be charged a monthly fee of £2.99 GBP

Righto , 80 million users and then it costs money … fun fun

JUICE affiliate support will send you marketing material and advice to help promote the offer to customers and recruit affiliates.

JUICE will make Internet life much nicer for users, however hidden away invisibly in the service are hundreds of thousands of “points of revenue” that JUICE has affiliated themselves with that generate them a huge revenue.

Don’t miss this opportunity. This is like the internet starting all over again, but with you at the top of the money tree.

Therefore, when you refer 10 affiliates into JUICE and they refer another 10 each who further refers 10 affiliates and each of them sign up 100 JUICE customers per month, then the income you could EARN is really phenomenal. Work it out for yourself! Your income would be over £200, 000 GBP a month from your own overrides and personal revenue. £200, 000 GBP

Ooh… a PYRAMID SCHEME !! I would never have guessed.

Lemme guess… The “hidden resident program” captures all your ip traffic , magically compresses it to a 35:1 ratio (why yes , how would i else see a 2 megabyte jpeg file on a 9600 baud modem within a second !?) and shows you the content. Meanwhile every ip traffic is logged and do i mean everything!
Then this “everything logged info” will be used for personal advertising , email and other fine scams. Since you’re on dialup and usually do not have your number blocked , it can also be used for telemarketeers to call you for even more fun products. And who knows what’ll happen when you also have a fax number…

Free ? I think Juice has reinvented 100% opt-in spam
Enjoy your privacy while it lasts.

Here’s an investigation of someone on the whirlpool forum ( )

Their address in the UK is real… but all thats there is an old building with offices for UFO research aka BUFORA, Consenting Adults Magazine and Akademia Magazine publishers.No signs of any other offices to do with Juice.

Of course theres another web site very like Juices also offering broadband Looks too similar to be true.

Then theres the matter of the Phone number provided. This is a UK free-Phone / special National-rate Number. 0870-7620458 . These numbers can easly be obtained free from here >> . This would make a business appear Ligitimate and immense having its own special rate number . these numbers can divert to any number you wish… lets say an unregistered,untrackable prepaid mobile phone service…

Juice claims to offer the service based on compression systems… this would be legit to compression to make a 9.6K modem reach 2Mb is impossible totally. It might have been more believable at least if they offered a real speed. Or perhaps they’ve Hired scotty,Chief O ’ Brien and Geordy ( startrek reference) to do their networking :slight_smile:

And finally theirs Juices own website. Surely any multi-billion business (what other kind of business can afford to offer euro €39 per signup) would have a fully operational website, protected and served on the net by a top rate hosting company. But as must of you have seen the site seems to be constantly down sometimes and up others.So it seems this site is perhaps being hosted on a PC on Someones cheap Dial-Up line :slight_smile: Anoither thing to note that JUICEs websirte before was which was a free domain service…

If they still exist on October 1st ( release date) and they offer a download, I’d guess it would be something that would be free like non-subscription Dial-up… where you only pay for the calls to you ISP. however what if this “free service” download tells your beloved modem to dial a premium rate number to avail of this service… you may never know you spent €10000s till you get your monthly phone bill…

No offence , stevexlr8 , but i think you’ve been had and are now a participant of a pyramid scheme in the least.

it seems very very impossible

  • 9600kpbs modem to go to 2mb ??
    then these feel strange:
  • no isp required
  • any place in the world
  • small software
    these seem to be an international dialer, it calls a fixed place, and they compress data, so phone bill will be millions…

then the affilate program, their service is for free, and when you bring others, they are also free, so why should they pay you? unless they earn MUCH from the dialer they use.

i just can’t believe them…

Some other fun reading at the scam alert forum ( ) :

I emailed them some questions regarding this. Also, in their marketing material they said that the residual commissions is dependent on the subscriber being active with their keyboard and mouse. So I asked if this has anything to do with tracking the subscriber’s surfing habits.

so their software is an advertisment software, they earn like this.

but the most confusing thing is the speed, they claim 2MBps, how is this possible? if it can be done using normal pstn modems, why don’t everybody use this technology?

  1. It’s impossible.
  2. It’s no good.

sound like a scam/time waster