Increasing speed of NEC-3500a and RICOHJPNW11 disks?


Will any of the updated firmware increase the speed of RICOHJPNW11 (4x) disks?

If not, is there firmware available that just makes the drive region-free?

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there is no way to overspeed RW media!

Ok, thanks, didn’t know that! Is there a quick explanation as to why not?

And any suggestion on the safest (!) way to make it region-free?



well I been told its the dye. the new plextor 716a will have 8x RW but only on 8x RW media, this is what I understand.

rpc1, well there are number of 3500 hack fw out with rpc1, but I only use stock fw as i have never had any reason to need region free.

If you want the safest option, you can go for a ‘software only’ solution, which does not require re-flashing your drive. You can simply use an inexpensive program like AnyDVD or DVDRegionFree which will do the job. With one of these programs installed your drive will behave as a region free drive, and you also get some other benefits too :wink:

Have a look at the websites of these two and you’ll see what I mean :bigsmile: