Increasing read speed in LiteOn 1673

I just purchased this burner and I am doing my first burning and testing. Everything is fine except that the read speed is limited to 8x. I have seen transfer rate tests on this forum where it reaches 16x so how can I obtain that speed? My drive just goes from 4x-8x in CD-DVD Speed.

I’m still on original firmware JS01 as I would like to finish testing before I start fiddling with flashing.

you must patch the firmware with omnipatcher and then reflash your drive.

take this firmware:

and omnipatcher:

load the firmware into omnipatcher (ignore the messages) and tick the increase read speed box. save the new firmware and apply it.

Thanks for replying. I will do some research and try what you suggest. It’s a bit supprising to me that the drive isn’t able to read 16x with build in firmware because LiteOn has this statement on their site:
“Read 16x ( 21600 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV”
I am still learning though, so minor problems are ok :slight_smile: . Is omnipatcher particularly risky in terms of warranty and drive performance?

you loose warranty when flashing with a modified firmware. omnipatcher increases the drive’s performance.

This is the speed that the drive will read press DVD-ROM discs. All manufactures do the same and display this speed for the reading speed, as it’s the fastest. It’s a bit bad really.

Lots of people are using the patch for drive models prior to yours, without any problems. As chok0 says; flashing your drive with patched firmware does void the warranty.

Good advice, guys. I am looking forward to having a top tuned drive. Thanks!

I did the research and Im ready to apply the reading speed patch. But before taking the plunge I do have a question:
If there are no drawbacks from reading at high speed, then why don’t the drives have the capability from the start? Is it an attempt to impair ripping, or maybe LiteOn think high speed cause damage to the drive or the disks in the long run???

it’s the so-called “rip-lock”

whats that patch for any drive or what???it make the drives burn faster??

Wait a second. Is the 1673S rip-locked, but the 1633S wasn’t rip-locked? Is there a difference between the two, because I just switched, and I never had to omnipatch my 1633S (at least not that I realized). Ripping seemed decent.

The reading speeds of the 1673S are the same as the other 3S drives (6X for DL +R, 16x for SL -ROM and 8x for all others).

So is there a benefit to rip-unlocking the drive? Will it make my DVDDecrypter rips of DL DVD-ROMs faster?

If i use omnipatcher the drive is gonna read at 16x? (for the “all others” part).

If your system is fast enough, then you rips will be quicker. Transcoding is usually the bottleneck.

At the moment it’s 12x for everything except SL -ROM, which is still 16x.

it will read all others @12x.

Will reading/ripping at 12x increase the risk of errors when ripping? Or is it pretty much a no-brainer with no disadvantages to unlock my drive?

The drive does a good job of dropping back in speed, if it encounters any error.

Check this out!

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I realize this will probably anger some people, but can someone give me quick instructions or a link to instructions on how to do this simple thing – rip unlock my drive? I already have JS05 firmware, but I suppose I’ll have to run it through OmniPatcher and then re-flash it.

And should I run that “recommended tweaks” conf file in OmniPatcher? Basically I’d like to increase rip speed on SL DVD-ROMs and +/-R’s… wouldn’t mind an LED fix too, but the 1673S only has a green LED (I’d love to open it up and mod it, but I’ll wait till it’s out of warranty).

If I understand correctly, I have to get an “unscrambled” version of the firmware, run that through OmniPatcher, then somehow flash it. Question is, would I have to flash it in DOS mode, or does OmniPatcher work on those firmwares embedded within those Windows-based flash executables?

Sure. Yes OmniPatcher works with the flasher versions on my site, so you can just run the patched EXE under Windows to reflash your drive. There are no recommended tweaks yet for the 1673S so you don’t need to apply this.

1/ Download JS05 stock unscrambled from my site
2/ Run OmniPatcher
3/ Load the downloaded JS05 into OmniPatcher
4/ Check the 12x or 16x increase read speed option
5/ Save the file as JS05 patch rs
6/ Run the saved file to flash the drive

Please post a Nero CD-DVD Speed scan of a +R disc if you decide to enable 16x :wink: