Increasing burn quality on ASUS DRW-1608p2


Earlier today I learned a bit about burn quality and how to check it.
I used dvdinfopro for some scans of dvd burns I made and to made horror it rated them at 0% quality. Since then I have been trying to improve that quality with little succes.

I updated my drivers, tried using nero and image burn at different speeds, but the burns stay bad. Any idea how I get improvement without having to buy a new burner?


  • Asus DRW-1608p2 (v1.39)
  • memorex 16X dvd+r

I tried scanning with kprobe, but it would stop scanning right after it started for some reason, so I included a DVDinfopro report instead.
This is of an imageburn 4x speed run, the first (and only one) after I updated my drivers to the latest version. The massive pif peak did not show up on any earlier tests, so I think that is a fluke.

Any help would be very much appreciated, but understand this is all completely new for me and I feel kinda lost.

Thank you.

Perhaps your asus is not a good scanning drive. Do some searching and see if your drive is capable of doing scans (accurately). And, many memorex dvd’s are questionable media…

That’s a Pioneer DVR-110 rebadge, I think, which is not useful for Disc Quality scanning. Run those discs through a Lite-On, before discarding them. :wink: