Increasing Audio Level on DVD



I recently received a DVD in which the audio was so low that you have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it, and even then it’s quite low. What I want to do is bring the audio up to a normal, distortion-free level while keeping it in .vob form.

In searching through the forums, there are lots of threads on demuxing but most of these are several years old. My question being, is there new software out there or improved techniques that are easier and less time-consuming than demuxing? If so, what is the best way to do this? I tried avstodvd using the avisynth feature to increase the audio but it was greyed out. I’m not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve never used this feature in AVStoDVD but I tried to see how to do it.
In the Video/Edit Title Settings (right side) & after adding the title.
I just unchecked the "  Auto AviSynth Script " in the AviSynth tab.
Checked "Amplify Audio " that brought the gain window up as in the image.
I didn’t test it so I can’t say how well it works .Maybe you can try it.


I had tried that previously, but the audio portion was still greyed out. Today I unchecked everything on the audio tab, than went back to the avisynth tab and I was able to use the audio boost. There was still a lot of distortion, but I was able to hear the audio.