Increased PI's

When I first installed my 832S, I usually got Kprobe scans with around a 20-40 avg PI. Now, same discs, I get 150-300 avg. What would cause this? is my drive going?

Here is an example. The PIFs are OK, but why are the PIs so high? They used to be much lower.

Or this. Anyone?

I used to get PI readings like this on CMC and also the same Ricoh’s:

Isn’t there anyone out there with an idea? Is it time to think about a new drive? I put in a disc that I burned earlier in the year and I am getting 9-10 avg PI instead of the 190-220 avg I get now. Is the drive starting to go? I have latest firmware. What is usually the cause of something like this?

Do any of the experts here have any ideas for me? Is this a big problem waiting to happen? Is the drive going?