Is there any way, so that, i could increase my internet speed without paying more to ISP, in windows 7 home premium?


Technically your internet speed depends on four things:

  • The network bandwith as promised on your subscription plan of your ISP
  • The available network bandwith of your network
  • The available network bandwith of your computer
  • The available network bandwith of the site you are connecting to

The lowest bandwith of these four, ususally the subscription plan itself, dictates the current maximal possible connection speed.

The only thing you usually can do is to make more than one connection. Stuff like downthemall uses multiple connections so downloading goes faster.

It may also help to optimize your pc and your network, but they are usually much faster than your isp subscription plan.


Adding to what Mr. Belvedere suggested, try a different browser. Chrome is very good and Opera allows you to set the max number of connections in the Advanced options menu under Tools, it also has a Turbo mode which might speed things up a bit.